Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Graphic Archive

While a picture is worth a 1,000 words, a composite graphic tells the story. Find over 40,000 topical Graphics illustrating practically every News story you will encounter. Each Graphic is produced with its components separated for individual use and for repurposing. To see the individual elements, simply click on the thumbnail, and a detail page will display. Titled Graphics are available in both English and Spanish language.

STILL TITLED: Mountain Lion Sightings (Mountain lion sighting prompts lockdowns at two California schools)


Animated Graphics

Nothing grabs your attention like Animated Graphics. With over 25,000 Animated Graphics in our keyword searchable database, you are sure to find just the right Animation for your News story. Animations come with both Intros and Loops for maximum utilization. Custom Animations are available upon request at no additional cost.


Element Archive

A broad selection of Logos, Graphic Elements and Head-Shots carefully cut out & ready to use. Each Element includes the Alpha Channel. Combine multiple Elements to create your own eye catching Graphic.

ELEMENT: Union Pacific Logo

Photo Archive

A searchable library of Photos encompassing Public Figures, Entertainers, Newsmakers, City and Government Landmarks, Landscapes and News Events of the day.

PHOTO: Zillow sign


Photo slide show consisting of multiple Photographic Images relating to a topic or story. Movement between Photos is enhanced by professional transitions perfected by decades of News Production.

MOTION PHOTO UNTITLED: Washington D.C. Metrorail

Image Request

MGN Qualified Affiliates enjoy unlimited "Image Requests" at no additional charge. To order your image, simply fill out our "Image Request" form and send. You will receive your image within 24 hours...or just call if you need it sooner!

  • COMING SOON IN 2015…


    Freshen-up the look of your news graphics with 3D Interactive Graphics from MGN Online.  New browser-based application lets you rotate, zoom, and select your favorite view of our polished 3D elements.

    Also coming in 2015
    , 3D Photos, Increased Sports and Entertainment Photos, 
    New BuildMyOwn Interface, and Improved Workflow with our New MGN Website.

Top Stories

A Daily Archive of Still & Animated News Graphics & Photos covering National and Global News. Each Graphic is available titled or non-titled, with graphical components separated for repurposing. Today’s Top Stories could be tomorrows hyper-local News.

PHOTO: Naval Support Activity Bethesda in Maryland

Breaking News

Breaking News Images are added throughout the day as News events occur. Each News Graphic is created with special care and consideration for long term generic use. Today's Breaking News will support tomorrow's hyper-local story.


A weekly Animated Cartoon Feature focused on everyday life circumstances and the importance of a positive response. Each week will provide a new episode based on Good Values and Positive attributes. Perfect for morning Newscasts and the Web. Paid for by local advertisers and sponsors. Exclusive market licences will further enhance your News Organization’s involvement with this high quality production and positive message.


MGN's BuildMyOwn™ is a quick and easy way for Affiliates to build News Graphics, Maps and Charts without editing software. Using Images from MGN Online, MapQuest or with your own content stored in MyArchive™, building quality News images has never been easier.


A FREE CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for MGN Affiliates to save, manage and share Images with other group affiliates. The "MyArchive" database is easy-to-use and secure with password protection. Benefit from over a quarter century of development using MGN's Graphical Content Management system.

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